Birthday Weekend Top 10

In no particular order:

1. coffee, coffee, more coffee


2. Flying alone. There's a sense of freedom when traveling alone, not having to worry about what the kids are doing, if everyone else is comfortable. Just take care of yourself. Take the best seat.

3. Friends who show up at 9:30 at night with a tiramisu cake (I so want to be that kind of friend, the kind who shows up on your birthday late at night - yes, 9:30 is late for me - and then sits down and chats. I am so not that person)



4. Taking pictures at the tree farm with Becky, William, Xavier, and Traci (another friend)

Thank you, Traci, for these two pictures!


5. Becky's friends who turn into my friends too


6. Seriously delicious Mediterranean food as well as Pho for the first time


7. Pie night at Antoinettes, although the anticipation was better than the actual event since the person right in front of us in line took the last piece of Mile High Chocolate Pie


8. The fact that Camden and Rory thought I was traveling to OK to play with William and Xavier and that William and Xavier thought I was there to spend time with them - they even suggested using their Wii time to play Just Dance so that "mommy and Aunt Melissa can play with us." So cute, right?






9. Shopping without buying a thing - the kind of shopping you can't do with kids (Anthropologie, West Elm, boutiques, etc.)

10. The knowledge that God knew months ago when Becky and I planned this trip (after talking about planning the trip for the last 3 years) that this would be the exact weekend I would need some serious distraction and sister time



KirstyB said…
I am SO glad you were able to spend this weekend with your sister and make beautiful memories with her while taking your mind off other things! Love and hugs to you all! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!
Monica said…
Your photography is absolutely incredible. And I'm still laughing about the Wii...why else did you think you were flying to OK? :)
This sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend!! And the fact that it was all captured on film makes it even better!!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!! (It's weird to write that since, well... you know. But I really do hope you had a wonderful day!)
Sister time.....the best medicine! I am so glad God gave you this time together. And that is a seriously cute cake carrier!

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