Happy Thanksgiving

We've been out of town so this Happy Thanksgiving greeting comes a tad late. We spent the holiday in east Tennessee with Brian's family and woke up to snow on Thanksgiving Day. There was lots of food and coffee, some laughs, just a few tears, plenty of family, and many things for which to be thankful. I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked simply because it was busy and we spent most of our time indoors (which is never my favorite for pictures - I'm sure you can tell I took all pictures from one specific spot in front of the window). There were cousins for Camden and Rory to play with, a new sister-in-law to meet, and deer to be hunted (that would be the boys + the new sister-in-law's area of interest).


Brian requested a picture as they got ready for their first hunt. You know, long johns and all that. Apparently, this is a big step in the hunting world.

Slumber party


A little pre-Thanksiving wrestling . . .

. . . and tickling

Miss Rory was a bit sassy since I let her wear my earrings and lipgloss for the big day.

You'll notice I not in the hunting party.

No, we stayed home and played dress-up with the girls. Notice the glitter tattoo. We all had them, even Gram.




Oh, my. The girls all dressed up!? LOVE.

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