Our Saturday

Saturday was the first day in about 9 weeks that our family did not have plans. I would go over how busy we’ve been, but that could be seen as complaining, and I just cannot complain about how much fun I’ve had over the last 1-2 months. The fact still remains that I am an introvert and even though there have been lots of fun times, my homebody self was craving a day just to stay home.

That day was Saturday. I still had laundry to do, meals to prepare, etc., but I stayed in my comfy clothes, pulled out my warm slippers, caught up on some TV, and generally had a fabulous day.

Addison came over to spend part of the day with us, and I pulled out the camera briefly for a snapshot of what life looks like when she visits. It is loud. The kids are crazy. But there's a lot of joy!

Waving goodbye to Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz




She's wearing a pair of Rory's old sunglasses. Upside down.


Taking a reading break in the midst of the chaos. My house seems to get trashed immediately.


Showing the world her belly.


You'll notice I didn't bother getting up from my spot to give you some variety - all taken from my seat. :)


This looks like the PERFECT day. Seriously. All those smiles... and books and tablets. Perfection. I'm sure there was also a little coffee mixed in... which pretty much makes this my dream saturday.
I have loved seeing her grow before or eyes! Adorable!

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