My New Favorite Toy

So. The camera story. I've had lots of people emailing me asking about my new camera so I guess I should just spill it.

Ironically enough, the decision to purchase this full-frame camera (it's the Nikon D610, by the way) came from a place of feeling content in this new phase of our life. You know, the one in which I've been out of treatment for 2 years, working a job, starting to have a little extra money, etc. etc. etc. So I saved my pennies (thank you, job!) and 4 days before my CT scan that would reveal my cancer is active again, I pressed "buy" on a very expensive toy.

Hello, irony.

Anyway, I'm not sorry I bought it. This camera helps me take beautiful pictures and will bring me much joy. These photos are from the first little outing with the camera (and before I really had it all figured out). It was the Monday after my appointment/scan. Over the years, we've started picking the kids up from school after those appointments and heading to a local park for a hike. It keeps us distracted from waiting on the phone to ring.


Completely out of focus, but the only evidence I was on this trip. And I like Brian's photobomb.






Check out this shoe/sock combo.



Why, yes, they *are* in a difficult stage when it comes to taking their picture. Maybe that's why I still haven't taken Christmas card photos. I didn't do it last year either, so I feel big pressure to actually do it this year.


More evidence as to why there has been no official photo shoot.






Amanda said…
Congrats on the new camera!! Beautiful photos. You are rocking it already!!
I'm really so very excited for your new toy!!! You are already rocking it! I found when I went to the FF camera, I was happier with my SOOC shots, and it inspired me to shoot more. Warn your kids. ;-)

As for the holiday photos... tell them your friend would gladly design a card around the picture you posted above so they should smile pretty for a *nice* holiday card. ;-)
Yeah for the new camera! Great photos

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