Monday, April 14, 2014


I'm pretty sure I've been starting off every single blog post with some note about how busy we are these days so I won't do it again.

But we are. Super busy, that is. :)

Without a day-to-day rundown, I'll just say we have spent more than our fair share of time at church this week/weekend. I told my sister the other day that it's a good kind of busy. It's hectic and frustrating and exciting all at the same time. Selfishly, it's not always how I want to spend not only my own time but also our family time. There is much value in serving, and my prayer has been that instead of remembering the craziness and how absent Brian has to be right now, the kids are learning a lesson on selflessness.

I'm kind of on an 8-hours of sleep a night kind of roll so I've got lots of energy to handle not only the extra activity but also the extra parenting duties. 

And you know I've just jinxed myself right there.

In an effort to show off my new shoes, it's possible my jeans look like mom jeans. They're really not.

We're usually really conscientious about not working on Sunday (other than church) and using the evening for family time, but the yard had. to. be. mowed. It's the first time this year, and Camden is so not a fan of mowing the yard (Brian and Camden usually split yard duty).

Although he doesn't look too sad right here. (Notice all the pink under his eyes from allergies - it's definitely that time of year!)

Putting the kids to work on new family packets Saturday morning. You do not want to know how many times they argued during this job (or how many times their mama might have lost her cool).

I took this one kind of haphazardly, but when I uploaded it I noticed the focus fell on her hands . . . which are twisting . . . because she was mad at something . . . which is clearly written all over her out-of-focus face.

Why am I taking a picture of a fly? I have no idea. Other than it was there and still and I was interested to see how well it turned out even though I don't have a macro lens. Kinda fun.


Vicky said...

So hard to gather the moments and weave them all together for a post like this- but I am so glad you do. These are the ones that embrace a phase in our life and somehow bring me a deep level of peace. Love and hugs to you! Cute shoes!

Grandma Elledge said...

I've been watching the growing kiddos; your busy times; and the church, of course. EXCITING! Have a blessed Easter! Gma E