Friday, April 04, 2014

Just a Walk

I'm trying to take on a new philosophy regarding my camera and events: take a few pictures and then just move on. I'm pretty sure I've spent way too much of the last 6-8 years bugging the kids for pictures. And I'm not going to stop taking pictures, I just want to try to capture a snapshot in time as opposed to capturing every single moment of every single event.

So we took a hike earlier this week, and I knew I wanted a picture of the kids, one showing that we finally have some green around here as well as a blooming tree. So I did, and then I just put the camera away.

And we were all so much happier. :)



Sidenote: I'm having some major focus issues with my camera. As in only about 20% of my shots are in focus, and I don't think it's user error. I had my camera and lenses cleaned and calibrated about 6 months ago, and I thought they were a bit better but not so much now. Since there is no replacing my camera or lenses in the foreseeable future, I'm a little concerned!

Happy Friday!


Christine said...

I'm so impressed with your new approach! I'm not there yet, but I can appreciate how it must impact your family outings.

And, the focus. Ugh. I'm having issues too so I feel your pain. And I have zero time to figure it out... These photos are gorgeous though!