Saturday, April 19, 2014

Four Eyes

We made our annual visit to the eye doctor's last week and, to my surprise, Rory failed the eye test. Miserably!

She was more than a tad excited about choosing frames. I managed to nix the neon green and neon pink big thick frames, and we settled on a purple wire pair. There were not many choices that would accommodate her little Asian nose bridge.

We picked them up Wednesday, and she thinks she is big. stuff. Quite honestly, I was a little sad. She looks much too grown up and very different from my baby girl with these glasses.

Three days later, and she is completely tired of them.



Camden got new glasses as well, but his fit him so perfectly that I can hardly tell he got new frames! Our vision insurance only pays for frames every 2 years so he was in desperate need of a new pair, as evidenced by the permanent lines on the side of his face from the too-small frames. And his eyes are now almost as bad as mine. Which is to say - blind!



(I paid extra for the anti-glare coating, and it looks like that anti-glare coating gives off a green reflection. Fantastic.)

And just to be clear  . . . my dad used to call me Four Eyes back when I was a kid, and it was not a negative term. Just being silly. When we called Rory Four Eyes after we picked up her glasses, she literally thought she now had four eyes. I'm telling you, this girl is secretly blonde.


MyEbella aka Kim said...

Omg her and bella would get along. I am always saying that she should have been blonde (sorry blondes). Very cute!

Christine said...

BOTH your kids rock the glasses! (And I have many a blonde moment too... it's ok Rory.) :)