Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits (4/15/14)

April 15, otherwise known as tax day. Why, yes, we did wait until the very last minute in order to put off sending a big fat check as long as possible.

April 15 is also my dad's favorite day since it means he's finished up with tax season for another year.

And we love it because it usually means my parents take a post-April 15 trip and come visit us.

I spent several hours yesterday cleaning out the kid's closet and swapping out their fall/winter wardrobes with spring/summer clothes.

Which means, of course, that it literally snowed this morning and we have a freeze watch for tonight.

And speaking of clothes, I had saved some things for Camden from last year. To my surprise, the boy could not even button the shorts. When did he grow so much?? I may be short, but he's still almost as tall as I am. And, yes, this is in a bathroom.

We kept Addison for a couple of hours last night. He is such a good cousin.

I guess it goes against the law of nature to be this sweet to his sister?

Rory admitted this morning that when Addison was a baby (as in that tiny 4 pounder I used to keep full-time), she would try to pick her up when I left the room. When Addison cried, she would "put her back."

And yesterday Camden nearly strangled Addison accidentally with the seatbelt. Sorry, Liz. :)


Christine said...

I had so many comments, and then I got to Rory's confession and I just bust out laughing. Too funny!!