Thursday, April 03, 2014


I spent most of the day yesterday in the infusion waiting room at Vanderbilt. I am totally fine, just an extremely long wait for a port flush (which I usually do in the lab, not chemo room) and my regular 6 month check-up with the breast specialist. I watched woman after woman check in. Some bald; some with hair. Some hyped up on steroids; some moving slowly.

And I found myself so grateful that it wasn't me this time.

I also might have laughed out loud at least twice while reading Sparkly Green Earrings during the wait. I downloaded this book for free last year but hadn't picked it (metaphorically speaking since it was in digital form) up until yesterday. It provided a decent distraction for sure.

And then I got home and felt so emotionally exhausted from telling myself I was okay as well as feeling the burden of all those women who aren't okay right now. I find it to be a very hard balancing act to protect my own fragile emotions while wanting to share in the struggles of those around me.

It's a very busy week for us. Besides the regular things of life, we're moving into our new church building. The one we've been dreaming about and praying for many months. It's super exciting as well as physically and emotionally draining. 

Because everything happens at once, it's also consignment sale weekend plus our weekend to feed the college kids at church. I'm working extra hard today so I can still have a lunch date with my friends tomorrow and possibly still be able to grab a few moments of solitude at some point during the weekend. Because I am WAY too much of an introvert to handle this much excitement. :)

I scrapped these over the weekend.
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Vicky said...

Oh goodness- yes- busy- in a good way. It gets hard for me at the clinic too, when I have a few weeks off- I seem to just forget about it- and then am caught off guard by the harsh reality sometimes when I go back in. Hope all goes well with all of you plans!