Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some April Favorites

The last few days have included a field trip to the Adventure Science Center with Rory, the flu for Brian, a workday at church, a big Easter outreach event, Easter Sunday/Grand Opening at church, and a visit from my parents. While I try to pull myself together and get organized to blog about any of these events, here are a few things I've read/enjoyed/cooked recently.

We've made Friday into a regular pizza/family night, and I've used this recipe several times recently. It's a great homemade pizza crust that is easy and kind of thin and crispy, which I like alot.

I made this honey garlic pizza last week, and it was DELICIOUS.

My mom and I baked these lemon bars. Amazing.

A great article on marriage: Two Words That Can Change Your Marriage.

I have struggled with Project Life this year, but these monthly sets by Just Jaimee at The Lilypad are keeping me going.

And speaking of Project Life, I am clearly not doing these in order, but here are a few catch-up weeks.

Week 11

Week 14

Week 15


Vicky said...

Ahhh- but you are doing- a lot. How fabulous that the church grand opening and Easter coincided? I can think of no better kick-off celebration.

Christine said...

Whoa!! BUSY. I feel like I need a nap just thinking about all of that.

Also, I adore these project life templates... So cute! (As are your layouts...)

Lastly, I pinned that crust... thank you!