Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits (4/29/14)

The world did not end yesterday, but Brian and the kids did get out of school early. We all came home and had a nice quiet afternoon playing games, cooking supper, etc. It was an unexpected blessing!

Ever since Camden sang Beauty and the Beast at this school's spring program, he's been trying to sing harmony. With every. single. song. (and we listen to music around here pretty much non-stop) Sometimes he gets it; sometimes he doesn't. And it's fairly painful when he doesn't. However, I'm fairly impressed that a 10 year old can pick it up even half of the time.

Anyone else excited about Michael Phelps coming out of retirement? It's just like how my dreams came true when Michael Jordan and Brett Favre did the same thing. Now if only Apolo Anton Ohno would join him. I do like a champion!

We tried to introduce my parents to Korean food last week. Unfortunately, the cute little place we go to was closed for dinner, and we ended up at a sketchy place down the road. I think it all turned out okay, but it felt touch and go for a while there.

Rory has decided she really wants to grow out her bangs, and since I'm making a conscious effort to let the kids make more decisions on their own, I'm just going along with it. It's only been a couple days, and it's already torturous. I'm trying to gear myself up for bad hair days for approximately the next year.

"Banana bread dough is like raw meat, but with chocolate chips." - Camden

My agenda for today includes women's Bible study and lunch with a friend. It's a rough life, but somebody's gotta do it.

Pigtails courtesy of Aunt Melissa.





Renee T. said...

oh man, that little Addison is so adorable!!!