Thursday, April 24, 2014

Field Trip

My big kid left this morning for an overnight school field trip.

Without us.

I know. How does this growing up thing happen so quickly? He was so excited. And by that, I mean, he has been bouncing off the wall and possibly a little obnoxious for the last several days. They're going to Mammoth Cave and then on to the Creation Museum where they'll spend the night (in the museum!) and then be back late tomorrow afternoon.

All packed up.

Someone (a teacher or parent I guess?) just sent me this picture of him.

Today was my regular 6 month appointment with my PCP. Good news is that I've graduated back to an annual visit after today! Bad news is he wants me to get more regular exercise in. I guess 2-3 times a month isn't regular enough. ;)


Vicky said...

He looks more than just a little excited- that is a pretty big step on his part. And annual visit!! Congrats- that has to feel good :)

Lori! said...

Did you send a camera with him?? The Creation Museum is HIGH on my list but I'm trying to make myself wait a couple years so my boys will be able to appreciate/understand it more.

Christine said...

WHAT??! How can he possibly be old enough for an overnight field trip?! {sob}

Christine said...

(And yay to the annual visit too!!! WOOT!!!)