We've lived in this house for nearly a year and I still don't have the living room fully decorated, but now that I have some pillows made (in fabric I bought 9 months ago, but we won't talk about that), it's getting closer. I still want to find a few burlap fabrics to make it not quite so girly feeling, but I'm loving all the colors.



My mom (who made the pillows) thought my taste level was a little questionable when I asked her to combine these 2 fabrics, but I kind of love the bright green and retro, grandma-ish vintage feel.

Tonight we're experiencing a first: both kids have a baseball game on the same night so we're starting the activities off at 5:15 and will probably be at the ballpark until 9:30ish. I'm actually kind of excited about it because a double header feels like a rite of passage. Not to mention, the weather should be good and it's the start of a weekend! I think this is the first of 5 double headers in the next 3-4 weeks so I'm thinking that if you check with me in a couple of weeks, I might not be quite as excited. Tonight is our snack night, and I totally took that as an excuse to buy oatmeal creme pies, which I never buy. The kids (and their mama) are going to be super excited when they see those goodies in our backseat. Yum!


Amy said…
I cannot tell you how much I love those pillows and your couch! They are a gorgeous combination. You have such an eye for color. Will you come decorate my house? :)
Amanda said…
I love the pillows. I need some of those for my couch.
I love love love them!!!!

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