Catching Up

Our weekend was eventful, and I'm posting a rundown for my own memory keeping purposes, but without photos. I sometimes think if I didn't blog about it, then it would permanently leave my mind!

Friday night was Camden's first baseball game. It was pretty amusing the difference between Rory's t-ball game and Camden's baseball game. Not only did every parent have their cameras out for the t-ball game, but there was much encouragement all around as long as the kiddos weren't playing in the dirt. For a 10-year old baseball game, though? It's all business and there were no cameras to be found. Even I only snapped one fast phone shot. Camden had a great game, though, and I'm glad that fall ball seems to be what it was advertised - as an instructional series of games in which everyone gets a chance to play all positions.

Friday night and all day Saturday was River Fest. Our church had a booth, and so Brian was busy all weekend there. As in Friday night, and then from 10 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. Saturday. I kept my two kids and Addison all day so Brian and Michael could make over 1,000 balloon animals. It was a good event, and we had 3 families show up at church Sunday as a result of those balloon animals.

Sunday was a big day at church. Our highest attendance to date, followed by the ground breaking prayer at our new property. We're hoping to have a new building in 180 days. So exciting! It has been many years, if ever, that we've been a part of a growing, thriving church, and it is so good.

We all pretty much crashed Sunday afternoon/evening although when I say crashed, I mean Brian worked until midnight preparing lesson plans and grading papers (and proceeded to leave the house at 5:00 Monday morning) while the kids and I took it easy and went to bed on time. We might even have played charades for the first time. Pretty much my least favorite game ever, but it was fun seeing the kids interpret the words/phrases. Turns out Brian and Camden are surprisingly good at acting while Rory just giggles her way through it and can't seem to understand the difference between "saw" and "cutting wood." :) Camden was also very good at interpreting my understated charades.

Unfortunately, Rory woke up Monday morning having a bad, bad asthma attack. She's had a little cold so I should have known it was coming, but the whistling coming from her chest caught me off guard. She stayed home from school yesterday, and we took a trip to the doctor. Doubled up on one inhaler and added in another. Dr. H has decided to officially diagnose her with asthma, and I'm now supposed to carry an inhaler in my purse. After the appointment, Rory and I went to lunch then ran a few errands while we waited for Camden to finish up at school.

Last night, the family helped Brian out with cutting and pasting (not the computer kind, but the cutting that involves scissors and the pasting that involves purple glue) for well over an hour. Did you know that teacher's aides (who do not have degrees) are not allowed to help with that sort of thing? Nope; they are only allowed to help in the classroom if it is direct contact with students while the teacher with the degree who is responsible for educating the children and whose job depends on their test scores is also in charge of all cutting, pasting, copying, bulletin boards busy work, etc. Whew, that was one big long run-on sentence! If you can't tell from recent blog posts, I am fairly fed up with the school system and what is expected of teachers. My husband working 12-14 hour days plus weekends to teach 4th grade does not make me happy. Not because I'm upset at him, but because I'm worried about the stress placed upon him. And let me make clear, Brian is not complaining. I am. Every year is harder instead of getting easier, mostly due to government regulations and rules.

Rant over. Sorry!

Today is a busy day catching up on everything I didn't do yesterday, plus a baseball game tonight so it remains to be seen whether or not I'll be able to upload photos. I feel like I'm falling further and further behind in memory keeping, although maybe not as bad as I think because here are a couple of pages I scrapped last week.



Project Life Week 32



Unknown said…
There is a really good book that Camden might like that my 10 year old cousin loved... it is called "Wonder" by RJ Palacio. I highly, highly, highly recommend it!
Vicky said…
I just borrowed my copy of wonder to my niece and my son is having it read to him by his 5th grade teacher :) Bet Camden would love it :)

That teal and black page of you with the uber cute hair of yours- I love-love-love!! Your scrap pages just leap off the screen to me :)
Amy said…
So glad to hear how your church is growing! I can identify all too well with Brian's working hours and load. People do not understand how hard teachers work and how you can never get caught up. The thing with teacher assistants is ridiculous. It's that way here now too. Love the page of your favorites!
I'm catching up too.. can you tell?! ;-) I love the pages, I love your catch-up posts... but I definitely DO NOT love hearing about how rough it is for Brian at school. :-/ I'm so sorry.

(PS - Here, Moms can volunteer to do the cutting and pasting... I wish that was possible for you guys!)

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