Birthday Camping 2013

Brian has taken Camden on a birthday camping trip nearly every year since he was 4 (I think they missed last year - you can probably blame my surgery/treatment for that). They always go to the same spot, do the same routine. Camden is my sentimental kiddo and likes tradition. Big time.

Camping always seems like WAY too much work just to go sleep outside, cook over a campfire, deal with creepy crawly creatures, etc., but Brian grew up doing these types of outdoor activities with his dad so he wants to pass on the experience. I never remember how much it means to Camden until he calls me before bedtime on those overnight trips. I don't know how to explain the sheer happiness in his voice. It hits me as soon as he says, "hi, mommy" and then I understand perfectly why Brian does it. I am fairly certain that this is the happiest night of his year.

Anyway, this year's trip was back on July 30, and I'm just now getting around to looking at the pictures. They went fishing, cooked their own fish for supper and breakfast (yuck!) and then pretty much sat around in the rain. Apparently, creature comforts do not matter when you're camping because Camden had as much fun this time as when the weather has been perfect.


Notice the hand curled around his dad's knee. I told you he was a toucher.



VinGirl said…
Love these pages, and the pictures are awesome!
Isabella is our toucher..... Someday I will miss it! :)
Amy said…
You can see the excitement oozing from him. Such a sweet tradition and one they will both always treasure!
Oh yes, the pictures definitely tell the story of how excited and happy he is there. And the part about "the happiest night of his year" got me all choked up. SO sweet!

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