Almost the Weekend

My plans for today included cleaning up around here because, let's face it, after being gone all day every day this week, the house has gone downhill fast. Unfortunately, I'm wearing this stupid temporary monitor and it falls off every time I bend over . . . which kind of happens alot when you're cleaning up, so I'm going to take it as a good excuse to spend some time in front of the computer reading blogs or scrapping today.

There are 5 of these electrodes attached to me, and this monitor has a super long cord. You can imagine how well I slept last night. Fun times!

My breast MRI yesterday came back completely clear, which I knew that it would. But still a relief! Now if I can just get the same news next week from my oncologist.

On a lighter note, anyone else update their phone/ipad to the new IOS7? I updated my phone this morning (after needing to clear off most of my photos so there would be space), and it is WEIRD! I do not handle change well. :)

I took my camera to a local specialty shop to have it cleaned and the lenses cleaned and calibrated this week. I am looking forward to pulling it out to see if the cleaning/calibration makes a difference since I've been having some focus issues, especially with my 35mm lens. I'm also excited that nothing was stolen because I managed to leave the van doors unlocked and my front door open with my purse, phone, and camera/lens laying out for the world to see while I went back inside to ask a question. 

After a gray start, the sun is shining and I have my blinds open so the house is nice and bright; our schedule is clear for the evening, and we plan to restart our tradition of sending the kids upstairs a little early on Thursday nights so Brian and I can watch Survivor. It's almost as if the weekend starts a little early when we do that. Hurray!


Vicky said…
Is it a Holter monitor? I did one once for a weekend- fun, fun :) Yay for clean breast mri's!! A clean scan is totally the best gift ever :) Ummm and a close second is a new season of Survivor- so many twists this season- I think it'll be a good one! Prayers for more clean scans!

OK... I would not cope with the heart monitor at all well! And while not coping, I'm sure I'd do all sorts of crazy things to my heart rate resulting in more tests. Not fun. But hopefully done with?!

I'm so excited for your cleaned and calibrated lenses! I really must do that too. :-/

And lastly... Just a few more hours til the weekend! Woot!

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