Grandparent's Day

Today was Grandparent's Day at school, and our friend Chad (who also happens to be our pastor, almost-neighbor, and carpool driver) volunteered to go with Camden and Rory as soon as he realized they didn't have any grandparents in the area. They were SUPER excited, as you can see.



Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz also visited their rooms. It doesn't get much better than to have people loving on your kids.

While the kids were performing for the grandparents, I left "at the crack of dawn" (to quote Rory) to visit Vanderbilt's breast center. I think I mentioned before that my new oncologist really wanted me to get checked out and recommended that they treat me as if I tested positive for BRCA1 (otherwise known as the breast cancer gene). I loved the breast center, although I left feeling a little sick to my stomach as they told me their estimate was that I have a 50/50 chance of developing breast cancer. After I had a chance to digest it, I felt a little better since this is not really "new" news to me, just a little more direct . . . which seems to be Vanderbilt's style. For now, I am seeing a genetic counselor, having an MRI next week, and will see them every 6 months. I'm been repeating to myself something to the effect of "There's no need to borrow trouble; I'm fine today!"

Doctors have danced around our family's strange medical history for the last several years, but the nurse practitioner and doctor that I saw today were very forthright with the admission that my case is very interesting. She actually used the word "intriguing" although I feel like something a bit less positive would be a better descriptive. Instead of letting the front desk schedule my appointment with the genetic counselor, they were going to talk to her directly because I'm so interesting.

Today was only the beginning of multiple doctor's appointments over the next 10 days. I'm realizing again how good it has been to have some time off and praying for more. 


VinGirl said…
Sending you good thoughts. It sounds like they want to be totally on top of any potential developments, which is a good thing. :)
Anonymous said…
We so missed being there for Grandparents Day. Glad Chad could stand in for us.
Krista said…
Sounds like you have another good set of docs there to help take care of you - as well as a great network of friends and family. hugs!
Unknown said…
Thanks for reminding me not to borrow trouble from tomorrow.

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