Vanderbilt's standard operating procedure is to have blood work one hour prior to appointment so that the results will be available during your meeting with the doctor. Due to a lab error, my results were not ready. Nor were they ready when the hard-working nurse called me at 6:20 last night, but I'm impressed with the phone call to let me know.

While I'm waiting for CA125 results, I ran across these 2 things this morning that made me laugh out loud.

1. I'm Not Sassy, I'm Suzanne from the Momastery blog. Because, hello-my-feelings-about-summer!

2. This sketch by Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon about hashtags. Love it because I find hashtags way more trouble than they're worth. (please feel free ignore the very last sentence in the sketch which includes a bleeped out cuss word)

Man, these kids are cute. 
Full disclosure: they're not this happy together this week. These happy faces were all for the camera.


bahahahahaha....our family "has tags" in person just to be funny!! it's a ridiculous way to communicate for sure! Lolololololollololol
Amy said…
Hope you hear something today!!
UGH... Waiting is SO HARD!!! I'm sorry. :-(

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