Thanks for the prayers for my dad. He was moved out of ICU yesterday, but will be staying until Saturday or Sunday for observation. My sister Elizabeth made the trip yesterday to spend the weekend with them. I wrestled and wrestled with the decision to go with her, but ultimately decided that leaving my family right now wasn't possible. With two baseball games, a giant church outreach event this weekend, a ground breaking ceremony for our new church, and a husband who leaves the house at 4 a.m., I just couldn't do it. But I'm so glad she was able to go and be there. 

Rory's first season officially started last night, and I'm not gonna lie: the cuteness was almost too much to take. They are HILARIOUS. And, yes, I know she's mine so this next statement might come with mommy goggles fully on (but I don't think so), but Rory did awesome. She just might have learned a few things from watching her brother play for the last 5 years. She got a hit (from the pitcher, not off the t) both times, and she got several players out at first base.

The number of players who spent the game playing in the dirt was SO funny, and when someone hits a ball, the entire field empties as they all chase after the ball. I'm telling you, hilarious. And when she called me over, giggled, then asked me if she should slide the next time she ran to base, I just laughed out loud.

Yes, our uniforms are this unfortunate shade of orange (representing the Tennessee Vols). Funny story: when Rory found out her team name, she started making her bed with all the pillows and animals in the shape of a T.






The two girls on the team chatting it up.

First bumps from the coach. Too bad I didn't realize that's what they were doing and get a picture of the first bump with my own child.





And a final phone picture: they literally have to teach them how to say "good game" and tag hands at the end of each game. Somehow I'd forgotten how cute this age is on a baseball field.


Vicky said…
Oh my word- check my blood sugar levels quick :) Crazy cute is right! She actually pulls off that orange really well :) Along with the pink glove and yes if she can hit without the T and make outs at first- that is pretty awesome! Go Miss Rory!

So glad to hear your Dad is out of ICU and that your sister could go and be with him- such a tough time for all of you both near and far. Will keep him in my prayers along with you. And, do I dare ask, just what is a Vol?
suzantzavala said…
I have been reading your blog for awhile now...don't remember how I found you. Digital scrapbooking, probably. It is such a joy to read and see your photos of the kids. I absolutely love how you capture their individual personalities and little quirks so beautifully. Why comment today? Well, it's T-Ball. My son, who is nearly 17, did T-Ball. My husband,a photographer, took lots of close-up photos...we could never figure out why he could not hit the ball when it was unmoving and sitting on the post. Well, turned out, through studying the close-ups, he had his eyes tightly closed!! Couldn't see it. He became quite a good hitter when he learned he really needed to keep his eyes open!! Also, the description of the kids on the team-priceless! Our good friend and coach always warned the new parents-T-Ball is it's own thing-most kids are content to stand around and watch the grass grow-lots of squatting and intense concentration on anything but the game. Definitely, the funniest year of kid sports-we did switch to soccer-it's big in California and there is more action-they all have to run! Lovely family you have.
Mayme said…
Love the pics. Coach pitch and T-ball are by far the most fun ever. Glad your dad is doing better. Emma is in soccer and starting basketball soon. She can't wait!!
Amy said…
She looks absolutely adorable in that uniform! Glad your dad is doing better and hope he is home now!

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