Tuesday's Tidbits

Brian took the kids to the baseball field for a little practice last night. We signed both of them up for fall ball (a VERY relaxed short season of baseball). This is Rory's first time to play, and Brian says we should hope she's a good hitter because she just might be useless as an outfielder considering the fact that she cringes and runs away from the ball when it's thrown to her. :)

Rory is having a very hard time on school mornings. I'm not sure if she's not falling asleep at night or if she's really just that worn out from first grade. Whatever it is, she's Miss Sour Puss in the morning. And Rory is not really my Sour Puss child so this is new territory. 

Should I admit I gave her a Benadryl last night in an effort to help her fall asleep quickly? I promise I won't do it on any kind of regular basis, and she was showing some allergy symptoms so I really kind of *had* to give it a shot, right?

In some ways it feels as if the bad news keeps rolling in. I have several friends who have received devastating news in the past few days, but then there's also my sweet friends Mitchell and Amy who very unexpectedly received the referral of a precious Korean baby boy. Go leave them some love!

The Korean adoption process has changed drastically over the last 24 months. The newest change means that if we were adopting Rory right now (instead of 5 years ago), Korea would not allow her to be adopted. She would spend her childhood in a home with other children who will never have families. I cannot even contemplate the idea of our family without Rory.

If you're looking for a way to use up all your leftover s'mores ingredients, might I suggest this recipe? Michael, Liz, and Addison came over for lunch Sunday, and company is always my excuse to bake treats. This one was super delicious. It made a 9" pie pan's worth so just enough for family without any real leftovers. Which is good. Because while I've always had a sugar addiction, the emotional rollercoaster I'm feeling these days is feeding that sugar addiction. Big time.

And pictures from last night, before and after unofficial baseball practice.



And after. Notice the sweaty hair and red faces.




This would be his "I'm done with pictures" pose.

Although I got him back for one more.


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