I snapped this shot this morning because as we lived out the moment, I suddenly realized how often this exact set-up is happening: nearly every morning. I somehow won the carpool lottery and don't have to take the kids to school in the morning most days (I'm in charge of pick-up). We can't quite seem to get the timing down on when to wake-up. If the kids get up at 6:15ish, then we're finished with our morning routine (including showers, breakfast, devotions, packing lunches, etc.) by 7:00; carpool doesn't arrive until 7:20ish. This gives them 20 minutes to fuss and argue. But if we don't get up until 6:30, then I can guarantee that I will spend the entire morning rushing them and driving us all nuts.

So I opt for the earlier wake-up call even though it means extra time for them to find things to disagree about. After nearly 4 weeks of school, we have settled into a routine. Camden pulls out his ipod and plays music while reading out loud to me the weather forecast for every single place our extended family lives, anywhere we might have visited recently, in addition to Korea. It's alot of places. And I really don't care about the weather forecast, but I try to listen attentively. *Try* being the key word here. Rory pulls out her yearbook from last year and proceeds to read the names out loud of everyone in her class. I've only heard those names about 16,000 times by now. And did I mention Camden is reading the weather forecast out loud. Yes, this happens simultaneously. 

Have I ever mentioned I am not a morning person?

I'd like to say that everything stayed perfectly calm this morning after the picture was snapped, but, honestly, Rory left the house in tears after getting herself in trouble with a nasty attitude. And remember how I posted all about how she's so compassionate, tender hearted, etc. I take everything back about it being worth it. I am about to go crazy with the incessant tears and breakdowns every morning and every afternoon. Especially because the tender heart has more recently turned into a vicious cycle in which she has a pouty/bad attitude for every gentle instruction I give her, then she feels bad and sobs on my shoulder. A few minutes later she returns sobbing yet again asking if I'll pray with her. Repeat, repeat, repeat. She literally leaves the house every morning with her shirt (and mine) completely wet with tears.

Oh. My. Stars.

After a talk with a friend yesterday who has a tween daughter, I'm not so sure this parenting a little girl thing is going ever become any simpler. Or less dramatic.

Anyway, I think I might need to bake up a batch of these chocolate chip cookies, because it's been at least a week since I've tried out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. Sounds like a good plan for Thursday, right?


Amanda said…
I am so sorry for the Rory thing but just know that you are not alone. Since the kids have started back attitudes have been very yucky here. Hoping we can even out a little very soon. Emma is still my bouncy, happy-go-lucky girl but I know that will change soon now that she has started school. it's one of those things I hate about the whole school routine again.
Beth said…
Wow, you could just substitute "Jocelyn" for "Rory" in that last bit. Although I sadly can't afford preschool this year so I am stuck.... er.... BLESSED.... Cough, cough.... With her all. Day. Long. And she whines bc she can't go to school. And I tell her, I didn't send her to K because she whines too much. So she needs to stop so she can go next year. But this only makes her whine more. Heaven help us in a few years.... lol
Amy said…
Oh my, the weather?? I hope you sit down every morning and have a good cup of coffee and some quiet time after they leave. You need it! :)
Noneofyour... said…
Our girl was the easiest baby, an easier toddler, and dare I claimed "perfect" through her 10th year. Then she turned 11. She was saving it all up! Ick! I'm seeing flashbacks to my own pre-teen and teenage years. Wants to sleep constantly, grumpy all the time, and has to patience whatsoever for her parents.

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