Broken Hearts

This (toothless) girl loves school. But this (toothless) girl is also emotional, and, just like last year, she is bottling up all those emotional highs and lows that happen during her day and letting them out via tears when she arrives home.


For instance, one of her things right now is a little girl who sits next to her keeps laughing at her color choices during art. That same girl keeps making new words out of her name. And I cannot for the life of me tell if Rory is actually hurt (or in her words "she makes my feelings feel bad") or if the tears are just her way of letting go of the emotions from the day.

It is a little high drama around this house these days. The good news is the tears only lasted for a couple of weeks last year, and I'm hopeful it will be the same in 1st grade.

Here's a fun (can I call it fun if my daughter is crying?) comical example. This morning we were praying for Aunt Becky who starts back to school today (she's a French and Bible teacher), and I was including Uncle Micah in that prayer because he is a new doctor working crazy hours which means Becky is not only working almost full-time, but is essentially a single parent. By the time I finished the prayer, Rory was sobbing on the couch next to me.

And I don't think I was all that dramatic in my prayer.

Anyway, I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she was just going to miss Uncle Micah when he couldn't come visit us because he's working so hard (not sure when she's talking about because they don't have a visit scheduled). I sent her off for a Kleenex as Camden sighed and whispered, "her heart gets broken so easily, doesn't it?"

Why, yes, it does. If I'm honest, being compassionate as she cries . . . alot . . . doesn't always come easy for me. Especially when I can't determine if there is actually even a reason to be crying. But I sure hope she stays sensitive because I think the world could probably use a few more people who feel as deeply for others the way she does.




Joanna B said…
Poor thing... Mackenzie is almost exactly the same. School starts in a week and a half, and I am dreading the three weeks of tears and emotions.
Poor babies...
Poor, sweet Rory. All this emotion now just means she's going to grow up to be one of the sweetest, most compassionate people out there. Trust me. (And re-read this on the frustrating days.) :)
Vicky said…
Oh my heart just goes right there with hers. I have one softie too- who bottles it and then weeks and months worth of hurts come out all at once... it will serve her well in the long run- but I know what a tricky balance it is to try and find the middle ground. Hugs to you and her!

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