Maybe you can help?

I mentioned my friend Amy the other day and their surprise referral of a sweet Korean boy. Because this blessing happened many months earlier than anticipated, they find themselves in the position of needing to raise the remainder of their adoption fees much more quickly than anticipated. As in, by Monday!! Two ways you can help:

1. Go to their blog and donate directly via a paypal link or a send a tax-free donation to their church in their name.

2. Visit Just Love Coffee via this link and shop. We've bought coffee from Just Love Coffee many times (originally because of the Crain's first adoption and since then just because it's delicious!).

3. Okay, three ways because you could do both #1 and #2 if you'd like.

In other news, Rory had her very first tee-ball practice last night. It was blazing hot; there is no shade for parent spectators anywhere, but oh the cuteness of 4-6 year olds clumsily chasing balls. Rory actually did really well in the field in addition to hitting the ball off the tee (possibly the furthest of any of the kids) every time. Not that this ridiculously competitive mama is comparing. Nope. Letting all that competitiveness go in the name of fun. Seriously. I'm a changed woman.

Insisting on carrying Camden's old baseball bag.

Just a tad sweaty when it was all said and done. And, yes, these are her soccer clothes and cleats from last fall's soccer season. Maybe by the time games roll around I'll have her some actual baseball pants and cleats that fit.

Camden starts baseball practice tonight. Not sure what happened to the whole "fall ball is soooooo much more relaxed than official spring baseball" because he's got a 2.5 hour practice tonight. That ends at 9:30. Crazy. I'm assuming their (a.k.a. Little League) version of relaxed is the fact that they only have 3 practices before games start.


Amy said…
Thanks so much, Melissa. You are such a sweet friend! Your competitive mama comments gave me a chuckle. I'm afraid I will be the same way.
subgirl said…
Oh my! Melissa, you are so very kind to do this for our family! We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. I always enjoy reading your blog, but it was a wonderful surprise to read it today. I know it will help. God bless you and your precious family. Your children are beautiful!!
Loretta Campbell

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