Tuesday Tidbits

While Brian, Camden, and a group of church kids went camping Friday/Saturday, this is what Rory and I did.

And then this: Chick-fil-A ice cream and TV. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

And then while Brian came home early from the camping trip to mow the yard, Rory and I met with some sweet friends I met during my original chemo months. We were all on about the same schedule and had the same diagnosis. You may remember my posting that those early chemo days were not as depressing as it would seem, and that was mostly because of the company of these ladies.

I don't have a picture of Camden from the camping trip and day at the lake, but I hear there was a big tubing incident in which he got the breath knocked out of him.Uncle Michael was near enough to help him out, not to mention that thanks to Uncle Michael, Camden was able to attend the camping trip/day at the lake. I guess there are perks to having your uncle as the youth pastor: a 10 year old nephew just might get to sneak into teen events a couple of years early. This is one tired boy. It's Tuesday morning, and I'm not sure he's recovered yet.

Sunday was a good day of church followed by lunch with friends. This picture is SO typical. Camden does not have any concept of personal space. Not any. You can pretty much guarantee that he is going to be touching one of us at any moment. We spend alot of time gently (or sometimes in impatient parenting moments not-so-gently) reminding him to give us just a little space. (Camden is reading while Brian catches up on the football game from the night before.) Brian is much better at this lack of personal space than I am.

Rory learned how to make a treble clef last week in music class, and she has come home and drawn treble clefs free handed over and over and over. Not a bad job, right?

Read this quote from Ann Voskamp yesterday morning: "God is always good and we are always loved . . .  Even when what He gives may appear ugly." Good to remember.


Vicky said…
Just finished reading some Ann too- does my mind and soul good-so often. Can't wait to read what her surprise is :) So good to see the photo of your chemo group- we travel lightyears through a course of treatment and I think its cool you were all reunited for a morning.
Amy said…
Busy, busy weekend! Love Ann's quote. That is one I remind myself of very often.
Lori! said…
I have one with sensory issues so personal space is a myth. But my sweet oldest's love language is physical touch and sometimes I have to ask him to sit beside me so that he isn't ON me all the time. :)

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