Throwback Thursday

Because of yesterday's subject matter, I looked up this picture of Rory from 3 years ago. It's possible this was a broken heart moment, but judging from the look in her eye, I'm pretty sure it was just a 3-year old tantrum moment.

And one of Camden from the same week.

I am in full out decluttering mode, which means that I'm going to need to take out the trash on my own this afternoon before the kids get home (this is usually Camden's job) so that they don't discover any of their treasures (a.k.a. trash) being thrown out. Also, just for posterity's sake, this needs to be done before Brian gets home because I am married to a hoarder.

Speaking of Brian, he's got two school days under his belt and last night he declared the score to be Students: 1; Teacher: 1.

And speaking of Brian again, just my little annual public service announcement that if you have children in school, you should appreciate their teachers. Unless you're married to one, it is easy to underestimate how crazy busy they are. I think most people only see those 8 weeks of summer break teachers get and never see the early mornings (Brian gets up at 4 every morning), the long days spent educating your children, the hours of work they bring home every night, the never-ending paperwork, and the ever-changing government demands placed upon them. So maybe find a way to love on your kid's teacher. I'm determined to do a better job of this myself.


Joy said…
YES! Anyone who works in education needs to be praised! Even though Jason does not teach classes, he is a 12 month employee who has to work even on "designated" days off to make sure the technology runs seamlessly for the staff. He has been up until 2 am for two weeks working on email issues and updates and making sure everyone knows how to use it before school starts Monday. Getting classrooms ready for kids and teachers- smart boards, sound systems, iPads, laptops, etc. And on top of all the hours in the office, he also coaches football! So, yes, there are MANY, MANY hours but into education that a lot of people don't see.
Amy said…
Can't believe how much they've changed, especially Camden. You know I understand how hard Brian works. This time of the year is so stressful and exhausting. Praying for him and you!

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