Double Digits

It is entirely possible that I started this post at least a month ago, but never uploaded pics. For the sake of memory-keeping, I'm going to go ahead and share. 

Even though it's 5 weeks late.

Since my parents were in town, we celebrated Camden's 10th birthday a little early. Turns out that Uncle Matt and Uncle Michael didn't get to be there, but it was a good time anyway.

After a whole lot of indecision, Camden settled on Italian Drip Beef sandwiches for supper and an ice cream cake. This happened to be the day that Brian was gone for a church outreach and my ear/neck thing got a whole lot worse so thank goodness for my mom who handled alot of the festivities. Somehow that seems to happen alot . . . both mom handling things around here as well as my being sick. This is the third birthday in a row that I've been sick on Camden's big day.

We gave him Brian's iPod for his birthday (along with several new accessories) and this boy was sooooooo excited. He LOVES music and this is a way for him to have it accessible at all times. Not to mention the apps and games, of course. He also received a Harry Potter Wii game from my parents and an iTunes gift card from Michael and Liz. It was a fun time, and I'm glad Grandpa and Grandma were around to celebrate with us.

Seriously in denial that he is getting so big. Double digits already?

And in the interest of keeping it real - he's had the iPod taken away twice now because I keep catching him with it after bedtime under the covers.



Someone was not happy about the amount of attention someone else was receiving.

Reading Grandpa/ma's funny birthday card.


This might be my favorite one of the night.

Or this one. You'll have to excuse the chopped limbs, but our living room is not big enough to back up!

At this point, he's lunging at Brian.

A celebratory hug from Rory.



DSC_3350 copy 3

DSC_3353 copy

Group picture.

Group picture outtake. Thank you, dad and Rory, for being the only ones ready. ;)


Amy said…
I really cannot believe he is 10. How did that happen? You can tell how excited he was in these pictures. Just precious!
Outtake pictures are my much true personality in them! It looks like he had a great birthday!
Happy, Happy Birthday to your double-digit boy!!! How did that happen?!

(And, I too, love the outtake. Awesome!)
Renee T. said…
that outtake is awesome :)
Renee T. said…
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