Kid Projects

Camden's first week of homework required filling out this poster-sized newsletter all about himself. This is exactly the kind of project that he sometimes gets overwhelmed with, but we found the perfect solution - letting him listen to his iPod (via headphones) while he worked. The best part was watching him sing and bop along to music that we couldn't hear. LOL

The finished product

Maybe the second best part was reading his Hero section. I'll let you read for yourself. It's not bad left-handed cursive writing if I do say so myself.

Hardest part was the important event section. Although let's be honest here, that's some great sentence structure as well as maturity on his part. (Also, I did not spend 4 weeks in the hospital.)

And Rory's paper from yesterday just cracked me up. She included Elizabeth and Addison in this picture. Notice Elizabeth and I are the only "white" people, and Brian has curly black hair. Too funny.


Monica said…
I love all the stippling Camden did around his titles in the newspaper, and he write well, too! And the pants Rory drew on everybody cracked me up. I don't think I've seen any quite like that. :)
VinGirl said…
So cute, and his handwriting is lovely!
Amy said…
That is some awesome cursive! GO Camden!!
Oh man... I LOVE this. LOVE!

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