Summer Food

If you're anything like me, cooking has fallen to the wayside this summer . . . especially the last couple of weeks. So this morning I sat down and worked on an 7-day menu (and shopping list). I'm trying to use our garden vegetables as well as some items already in my pantry in an effort to pay for school supplies by cutting back on extra groceries. 

Next week's menu:

Saturday - BLT's (using my garden tomatoes) with roasted summer squash and zuchini. It's possible I'm also going to make peanut butter fudge shakes to celebrate our last Saturday of the summer. ;)

Sunday - Easy Creamy White Enchiladas with homemade guacamole

Monday - garlic parmesan quinoa with corn on the cob

Tuesday - leftovers with fresh vegetables

Wednesday - skinny chicken pesto bake with garden green beans

Thursday - cheater Korean beef bowl with fresh veggies

Friday - bacon parmesan penne with garden green beans and tomatoes

Easy, right? Anything you want to share with me? 

Oh, and these didn't make the menu, but I did make them for breakfast last week, and they're really delicious: strawberry and cream muffins.


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