Tuesday Tidbits

I was all prepared to pull out the treadmill and Couch to 5k program this morning, but I forgot to ask Brian to clear the treadmill (currently being used as storage) so I guess I'll have to put that off at least one more day. Isn't that a shame? 

Now that the kids are back to school and my days have a little more freedom, I am wanting to get back to Project Life and memory keeping. I haven't been able to get back in that mode yet. I feel like I wander around the house doing little chores, doing big chores, drink an extra cup of coffee, think about if I should look for a part-time job, cook/bake because it makes me feel like my day is productive, wander around some more feeling guilty that I have extra time when others are so busy, etc. I know I'll settle back into a routine soon, but it hasn't happened quite yet.

Brian had in-service all last week, but yesterday was considered a "free" day. That is, if they were completely finished with their rooms and prepared for students (who arrived today), then they didn't have to go in yesterday. He stayed late all last week and was able to just work half a day yesterday, which meant that we were able to go to lunch and run a few errands. Kid free. I know it was only a couple of hours and none of it was glamorous or really date-like, but just a few hours together felt like a little holiday. Pretty sure it hasn't happened since way back in May, unless you count a few doctor's appointments this summer . . . which I am totally not going to count as dates!

Rory had her first homework of 1st grade last night. And when you're still in the first few days of homework, it's a whole lot of fun.

We have had so. much. rain. this month. Not just a few sprinkles here and there. I'm talking buckets and buckets of rain every day for several weeks in a row. And in between the complete downpours? Sunshine and weather so steamy you can't hardly stand it. It changes almost hourly.

Speaking of buckets of rain, our garden has kind of enjoyed the extra rain and has produced an abundance of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, green beans and peppers. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the fresh produce, although if I'm honest, we're starting to get a little tired of those vegetables for every. single. meal. I've fixed them every way I know how and am officially out of creative ways to use them. If I were especially adventurous, I might try to buy some canning supplies, but I am not that ambitious. Or willing to spend that much time in the kitchen in addition to my regular meal prep.

(these are from back in July)




Melissa said…
It always takes me awhile to get back into a routine when the kids go back. This year I have so much on my to do list before the baby gets here, so hopefully I'll be able to jump into a routine immediately!

I'm so happy you and Brian were able to have some alone time yesterday. G and I haven't had any kid free time for 18 months. Ack!
Monica said…
I don't know how much freezer space you have, but many of those vegetables can be frozen. They'll keep in the freezer for a year (as long you use freezer bags), though I've known many people to keep stuff longer. It's not as time-consuming as canning, but it does help save the food for the winter and eliminate having to eat it every single meal. (or you can always send your kids around the parking lot at church and "gift" the unwanted produce to whom
ever leaves their car unlocked.)
First, doctor appointments absolutely DO NOT COUNT AS DATES! :)

I'm going to need some guidance on how to budget time when S goes to school. I was hoping M would be home soon after... but that is not looking to be the case. And, I don't know if I can find work for three months?

Lastly... we freeze veggies too! Beans and squash especially. (We make "easy pickles" with the cucumbers. Let me know if you want a recipe or two!

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