Tuesday's Tidbits

Camden is big into writing clues these days; last night he and Rory had set up clues for me to read for my birthday. It involved trekking up the stairs no less than 4 times leading to a final note that was a coupon for a "free lunch or free anything."

Now that this house is painted and we've bought the gray furniture I've been dreaming of for the last year, I'm terrified to actually put something on the walls and make decorating decisions. If I put it off for a couple more weeks, I can just put up the Christmas tree and delay any actual decorating until the new year.

I must have been tired Sunday night because not only do I not remember going to bed, but I don't remember journaling (via oh life). The first sentence makes sense. The next 2 lines are complete gibberish.

If you're looking for a new cookie recipe, I can highly  recommend Pioneer Woman's Monster Cookies. My mom made them last weekend, and they. are. delicious.

Now that we've moved, I switched hospitals for my weekly bloodwork. Today was the first day, and you can color me not impressed. After 45 minutes in patient registration (which they said I would need to do every week), the morning was redeemed by the cute little lab tech who told me she'd be taking care of me every Tuesday and to skip registration "because they change policies every 3 days anyway." ;)

I did manage to get some scrapping done yesterday. It was good to spend a quiet morning at home with my birthday messages, hot coffee, and computer.

Bella Gypsy: Something Wonderful

I had lots of photos to get scrapped from one event so I used Amy Martin's new Project Grids, and they were fantastic.

101712_corn maze

Birthday picture before dinner


Joy said…
Love the photo of you with the kids - hope your birthday was awesome!

I so totally agree on the decorating dilemma! I am terrified to do anything because I think it will stay that way for the next 20 years. I hung a few pictures where there were already nails, but nothing else. Something tells me our homes will evolve slowly. LOL!

Is that Camdyn in the photo with Rory? Are they in the same class?
Mayme said…
Hope you had good birthday! I was so afraid that you might not have a good experience at the new hospital..I have heard so many negatives.

Camden just looks sooooo tall beside little sister:)
Monica said…
Now you've got me wondering what will happen if you skip registration, or what would happen if you asked the registration attendant where you go to pick up the weekly lab pass.And we look forward to seeing things once you decide to decorate!
Amy said…
That is one beautiful picture of the 3 of you. I, too, have a very hard time deciding on pictures/ decorating. That's why I've never posted "after" pictures of our bathroom redo. I still can't decide what I want to put on the walls! I agree with you, just move on to Christmas and put it off until the New Year!
Love this little update post. But how did I get so behind on your blog?!?! Yikes! So... decorating for the holidays now? ;-)

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