Well, let's just be honest this morning. I spent the weekend browsing Pinterest, drooling over home DIY blogs and painted furniture. All completely ironic because not only did we buy a house that doesn't need renovations, but PLEASE! As if I am crafty in any way.

Here are just a few that I spent significant time reading over the weekend:

I Heart Organizing
Kayboo Creations (drooling over her painted furniture) 
The Handmade Home - my personal favorite; LOVE her decorating style and the way she has a stamped M (for their last name) incorporated into all her rooms

And speaking of decorating, my friend Kari dropped by this orange chevron pillow Friday, and I am in love. Just having this one little piece of orange immediately brightened the whole area up. I can't wait to keep adding color to my neutral room.


So besides wasting my time away in front of Pinterest, I also took the kids for their annual flu shot as well as Rory's 6 year physical. The girl grew 2 inches and 2 lbs since last year bringing her up to a whopping 35 lbs soaking wet. She's in the 10th percentile for height, but doesn't even register on the scale for her weight. That was not surprising. What was surprising is that she has pneumonia! Okay, actually, I'm not too surprised on that front either since she's had the worst cough for the last 6 weeks or so. Feeling more than a little guilty for not taking her in sooner (although in our defense we did take her in back in October for the cough, and they thought it was just viral at that point).

Camden spent Saturday raking leaves in the front yard. You don't want to know how long it took him to take care of leaves from one measly tree. Let's just say perseverance is not his strong suit.

Because of pneumonia, Rory just had to sit around looking pretty (and she was mad about not getting to help - the difference between a 9 and 6 year old, I guess).

Camden and Rory are out of school all week for Thanksgiving break so the 3 of us are spending the day getting the house ready for company tonight while Brian spends his day with his 4th grade class. We might have the better end of the deal. ;)


I love that you've gotten sucked into the interest/blog house craft world! LOVE!
Beth said…
Well, darn! I had huge plans for cleaning today, but I guess I have to sit here reading all those homeowner blogs instead. Bummer. ;)
Amy said…
Stop it!! I do not need any more decorating blogs to read or pinterest boards to follow. :) I'm in love with that pillow, by the way.
Vicky said…
Oh the crud is creeping around- poor Rory- hope she is feeling better soon :) And that pillow is gorgeous!

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