A very belated Tuesday's Tidbits

I'm hearing through the grapevine that everyone day is completely thrown off without blog posts to read. While I'm sure this news is greatly exaggerated, I am popping in to tell you that regular blogging will resume next week. Today's post is a very delayed Tuesday's Tidbits. ;)

Rory informed us last night that they moved from the fat crayons to the skinny crayons this week. I wasn't especially impressed, but Brian assures me this is big progress in kindergarten.

Tuesday Tidbits has become big news around our house, and you can frequently hear the kids yelling out "that's a good one for Tuesday's Tidbits, mama!"

My mom left yesterday after spending almost 3 weeks with us. I know she was ready to be back home (and my dad is more than ready to have her back), but it was a little sad. Rory cried 3 times. Good news is that Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away (how did this sneak up on me) and we'll see her again then.

Big Mama linked this throw on her blog earlier in the week, and I am in love. But, seriously. $195??? I think I can find a way to include orange chevron in my living room for cheaper than that. And I have decided that orange chevron is a MUST.

We're loving our house. It has a long ways to go, but I think we're going to make lots of good memories here. If last nights play fest is any indication - the kids took over the upstairs (which is one of the reasons we were thrilled to buy a house with an upstairs) and ran and screamed and played their little hearts out for hours.

My hair is growing at an alarming rate, and if I would have actually let it grow since last November when it first start growing, I'm convinced it would be shoulder length. After being bald and having the easiest hair (a.k.a. none) imaginable, I just can't seem to let it grow. Yesterday, I had my regular 5 week haircut, and it is now shorter than it's ever been (bald not counting). I'm not sure I love it, but if I've learned anything in the last year, it's that I only need to give it a week, and my hair will be completely different.

It maybe wasn't the best idea to purchase a house in October, right when Christmas shopping and sales are hitting hard. So. difficult. to. not. take. advantage. of. all. the sales. I have a 40% off your entire purchase at Gap up for grabs. First person to email me can have it (it's an online code) - and someone please take it so that I don't use it myself!

Find yourself a few tissues, then watch this video of Ryan Woods. It is both beautiful and incredibly sad all at the same time.

And my friend Vicky did a wonderful job of expressing her thoughts on her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis, living with fear, and the need for research. You can see that video here.

Happy fall weekend, everyone! This past chemo treatment (including Neulasta) was almost a breeze, but yesterday's treatment has definitely got me stuck on the couch feeling nasty. I'm cuddled up with my blanket, catching up on my DVR viewing, and looking at the sunlight streaming through the french doors in the kitchen. Life is good.


Vicky said…
Its sort of weird when a blog "voice" is silent for a bit- and then it comes back and suddenly all is right in the world again... Yay for Tuesdays on Fridays :)

Sorry for the yuck as usual but glad that some rest and the dvr are on board for you! Thank you for the link- I wake up every day so surprised that the video keeps getting attention- thanks to friends like you :)
I would love the gap code !!! I want the lavender puffy coat for Lia !! Trying to find your email address !!!
PS : feel better soon and rest ;)
Amy said…
Need to see a picture of the new haircut. :) Hope you are feeling better soon!
It was so nice to see you in my reader today! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well though... blegh. :-( And... I love orange Chevron. LOVE!
sandy atwood said…
Hope you're better - I also love the orange chevron throw, but agree the price completely ruins it. I saw khaki and off-white chevron at Marshall's for $30 - not the lovely orange, but a good price.
sandy atwood said…
Hope you're better - I also love the orange chevron throw, but agree the price completely ruins it. I saw khaki and off-white chevron at Marshall's for $30 - not the lovely orange, but a good price.
Anonymous said…
I don't think I've commented on your house anywhere yet so...I love your house! :) Its darling.
HomeGoods has chevron rugs if you have one near you.
Unknown said…
I wish you feel better soon :)

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