Monday, February 09, 2009

Warm weather

I'm not complaining because it's really nice outside, but it feels a bit strange to have 73 degree weather in February; especially since it was in the single digits a couple of days ago! The weather this weekend was really nice, and I think we're supposed to have warm weather all week although I'm sure rain will kick in soon. The kids enjoyed being outside, and Camden has resumed his favorite outdoor activity of playing with sticks and nuts. You'd think he has no toys!

We ran a couple of errands Saturday and took the kids to their favorite place - McDonald's Playland. Camden is quickly growing out of all his clothes so we stopped at Old Navy to pick up a few things - he is already in size 6! For the first time, he showed some preference as to what he wears so I let him pick out the shorts and shirts.

Brian had a really busy weekend. His fellow teacher and friend's mother passed away so he took care of her lesson plans and grading papers, as well as attended the visitation and funeral. He also had to prepare for his lessons today - he's being observed by the district elementary supervisor, which is a bit nerve wracking. All of this was on top of his normal Sunday duties at church! I'm pretty sure he'll come home tonight and crash. I am very blessed to have a husband who works so hard for us. If he weren't working two jobs, we could never afford for me to stay home.

Today's agenda includes a trip to the grocery store, playing outside, with a little housecleaning thrown in. Does that sound exciting or what!

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Joy and Jason said...

Yeah, the warm weather in February makes me a little nervous. I'm enjoying being outside though! :) And the kids LOVE it!

So what did Camden pick out? Did he enjoy shopping?

Amanda said...

I am loving the weather and a big AMEN to those hard working men.