Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl pics

We had an uneventful (a.k.a. boring) Friday/Saturday. Brian preached yesterday morning at church so he spent most of the weekend on sermon preparation. Rory had a cold and was coughing/sneezing/blowing her nose all weekend (this girl really does not like a runny nose!).

Here's how I spent Saturday. There will be a Shop Rory's Closet sale coming soon. It's all organized; now I just need to iron and take pics and post.

Here are a few pics from last night.

Rory working the cell phone with Aunt Liz

Camden on the bean bag

Teaching Rory to say "na na boo boo"

Rory says "nanny tutu"

Tickle fight

Seriously into the 3D commercial

Such a good uncle - he babysat Rory's baby for her

We let Rory read to her baby (so we didn't have to read to her during the Superbowl)

As you can tell, the superbowl was quite lively around here. I made the mistake of giving Camden some Mountain Dew and he was even more hyper than normal. It was a fun night, though. This is the one football game that I watch all year long, and it was pretty exciting this time.

Rory seems to be feeling better so I might grocery shop today as normal. We'll wait and see how cranky both kids are after being up late last night.


KrisJ said...

I want in on that shopping action!!

StarWarsFans98 said...

I recognize the book Rory is reading to her baby. We've been reading it to Kaden. Do you think it helped prepare Camden? I'm getting really worried that the jealousy monster is going to rear it's ugly head here in a month or so!