Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just a story

Not much time for blogging this morning so I'll just leave you with a story. Camden has eczema and is scratching ALL the time. I turned around last night to see him with a bare butt rubbing against the wall. When I asked him what he was doing (trying to keep the irritation out of my voice), he replied very calmly that he was just scratching. I told him in the future, it might be better to not use the wall to scratch his butt. Not something I ever imagined saying before becoming a mother.

Here are a few pictures from Tuesday.

The big kids

Don't let them fool you - they don't love each other this much all the time!
The ONLY smile I got out of them!
Yes, we made them hold hands. :)

Are you tired of seeing her in this outfit yet?
Oscraps February
collab kit


Amanda said...

Very funny story! The pictures and the page look great!

Angie said...

I love the story!!! I have learned with my 3 boys that you never know what they are going to do or why they do it!