Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seriously offended

I try not to get too bothered by some of the strange and offensive comments you hear regarding adoption, internationally adopted children, etc. However, a friend linked me up this Etsy listing, and I am shocked and more than a little offended. Here is the description of the shirt, "Color Blind seem to be all the rage in Hollywood these days. I mean, international babies are sooo 'the new dog' (which was 'the new purse' in a not so distant past). Are Madonna and Jolie ready for the commitment? Ah who knows. Love is love right? You,my friend don't have to find a foreign baby to show your color blind spirit, nope, you show your spirit with this fancy pants shirt. The sleeves have been sewn into a capped style." Are you kidding me? I sent her a flaming email asking her to reword or delete the description, and if you'd like to do the same, click on the listing; on the right you'll see a place to contact the seller.

Funny Rory story - the kids generally go to bed between 7:30 and 7:45 and usually are tired enough to go right to sleep. Last night, however, Rory played in her crib for over an hour. I finally decided to go in there and try to calm her down. As soon as I walked in, Rory scrunched up her eyes and pretended to be asleep. We both giggled through my "stern" talk telling her it was time to settle down. She kept her eyes closed the entire time! It was hilarious - we were both laughing, but she didn't give in!

The kids loved playing outside yesterday. Camden played for several hours during Rory's naptime. Rory thoroughly enjoyed the swing, and then we took a walk after Brian got home. I tried to take some pictures because she was laughing so much, but they all came out fuzzy. I would show you Camden as well, but he was throwing a major hissy fit because I asked him to go wash the soot off his hands (he was playing in the burn pile when I had my head turned). Oh, the horror of actually washing your hands.

Today, I've decided to tackle laundry the Becky Derby way - by doing it all in one day and then not looking at it again until next week. Speaking of Becky, she's got a new blog. Before yesterday, I would have told you that her blog would probably be a little more inspirational than mine, but yesterday's post contains the sentence, " I can't tell you how tired I am of cleaning poo out of underwear" so I think her inspirational title just went out the window.

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Amanda said...

Love the sleeping story! Too funny. I really hate that about the post on the shirt listing. Some people are so rude.

MyEbella said...

I too sent an email asking her to at the least re word it... how insensitive and flat out "stupid"...hope you don't mind I posted your blog and message about the etsy link to HOLT.... i'm sure we won't be the only ones leaving a message!

Anonymous said...

Comparing a baby to a dog? My goodness - no taste!
I just wanted to say that I love your scrapbook pics - do you scrap by hand or by computer? And WHEN do you find TIME?!! :)

KrisJ said...

Some people are just plain DUMB!! Glad you spoke up though.. Also I got my package today and was so dang excited I love everything so thank you so much!

Maria said...

Some people are too dumb to exist, aren't they? Whoever made that T-shirt falls into that category. ARGH.