Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Friday

First, let me say thanks for all the emails about the clothes. I've sold about 75% - Rory's new wardrobe thanks you. :)

Apparently spring is on the way (in February). Our temperatures for the next 7 days are supposed to be in the 60's. Camden will be quite excited to be able to get outside and play for a while. During the cold days when he would get too energetic, I'd bundle him up and send him out to run around the house a couple of times. He'll be happy to just get to play!

Rory has developed a new habit this week, and it was cute the first time or two and now it's getting out of hand! When you tell her no for something (like no parade candy at breakfast!), she says "pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase, pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase" and on and on. I don't give in to her, but how do I make her stop? I don't remember Camden going through this begging phase. Side note: I told my sister yesterday that I feel like I didn't become a real parent until Rory came along. For one thing, there's TWO of them now. For another, Camden was such an easy child. Not that Rory is difficult, but she definitely is more mischievous and challenging - but LOTS of fun too. Plus, when there's only one child it's easy to play tag-team and get a break!

I forgot to post this picture of Camden, and it completely cracks me up. Right after we went to the Korean church event, he was drawing on his magna doodle. He brought this to me and told me it says "deer stew in Korean."

No plans for today other than a quick trip to the post office. We're so exciting around here!

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Lisa said...

Hey, are you asking for advice? :) I would absolutely never give her positive feedback when she begs. Even though it is cute, a smile will reenforce it as much as giving in would! She might be too young to punish for that, but when my kids beg now I threaten to take away something if they continue. It typically stops.
I never had any whining and begging when my boys were the girls' age!! It could be a girl thing. :) PLUS Rory knows how adorable she is, just like Emma, they can play that "cute thing" can't they? You're a good mommy! Just because our kids test us doesn't mean we failed, it is when we give in that we are to blame!