Friday, February 27, 2009

Meeting Rory - one year ago

One year ago today we met Rory. It was such an amazing day and one that feels just like yesterday. You can read everything I wrote about it (and see pictures) here. The two things that stand out to me the most are hearing her giggle for the first time and then the one time that I held her during that visit was to carry her down the steps at the apartment. Our taxi arrived, and I turned toward Mrs. Park and Rory launched herself into Mrs. Park's arms with just pure joy and hugged her. I think that's when it really hit me how hard this was going to be for both of them. Brian and I were both so calm during the experience - we didn't cry at all. The tears hit hard the rest of the day, though.

Here is our meeting Rory video - she was 17 months old.

And here she is one year later at 2 years, 5 months. I CANNOT believe how big she is these days. She looks like a little girl instead of a baby. I'm keeping her little and on my lap as long as she'll let me. Thank goodness that's her favorite place!
Here are a couple more of our Seoul videos. We had such a good time there. I can't wait to be able to take both kids back one day.

Out and About in Seoul

Population of Seoul

Seoul Food


KrisJ said...

While waiting for Malia to come home I found your videos on Youtube and watched them over and over... they got me through hard days! Congrats on 1 year how exciting!

Christine said...

Granted, I'm an emotional wreck these days... but these have me sobbing. Sob-bing. Thanks for sharing.

Tia said...

I enjoy reading your blog, but I'm having trouble getting the videos to pull up, and I'm on high speed at work. Any ideas?

Tia said...

you can find me at

Kathy said...

I remember finding your blog and seeing your videos on youtube when we had just started our adoption. I loved seeing when you met Rory for the first time!! I am not a cryer but I would lose it every time I watched them. Now we are going to be leaving for the same journey in just a week or so. It is so hard to believe! Rory and Camden are precious and I so much appreciate you sharing your experiences in Korea and at home!

Vonda and John said...

Melissa - every time I see that video of you meeting Rory I want to cry - watching you get Rory made our anticipation all the more exciting - to get Paul only one month later.

thanks for sharing again and congrats on one year!

Rory continues to more beautiful every day.