Thursday, February 12, 2009


Tuesday was a very busy day. Who knew getting all the laundry done in one day (including stripping beds) would take ALL day! Wednesday was good. Mayme and Emma came over for a bit in the morning and Rory and Emma (kinda) played together. One of these days they're really going to love each other. For now, there's a bit of 2-year old rivalry going on. :)

Today I'm dropping off 3 boxes of clothes off at the consignment store and running to the post office. Tonight Rory and I are headed to MOPS, and I'm very excited about that. I went for the first time in November then there was bad weather in December and I had the wrong date for January so it's been a couple of months! Camden and Brian are staying home to eat popcorn and watch the Survivor premiere.

These two scrap pages are two of my all-time favorites. First, 'cause the pictures are so darn cute. Second, because I've had a thing for ladybugs for years. In fact, I was
sure that when we had a daughter would be decorated with ladybugs, but the pink fetish hit, and I ditched the ladybug plan. But these two pics are full of ladybug cuteness. You can pick up this kit here. (side note: isn't the ladybug felt hair clip so cute! I purchased it from another scrapper here.)


Amanda said...

Very cute pages! Hope you have a fun time at MOPS tonight!

crazygirl said...

oh my gosh! she looks adorable!! thanks for mentioning me and my clips!
i'm so glad you like them!
cute page too! -J