Thursday, February 26, 2009


I feel like I haven't blogged much this week; every day I think of things or the kids do something funny, but when the morning rolls around, I've got nothing! We've had a normal week - ran some errands (how do people manage with more than 2 kids? I feel like shooting myself by the time I get back); did another all-day laundry marathon; played with Emma, Mason and their mommies yesterday (there's progress, by the way - Emma sat on my lap and ate her cereal while Rory sat on Mayme's lap and ate cereal and there was no screaming from either side!). Today we're home all day (except for the coffee run I already made this morning). I was planning to take the kids over to the church parking lot and let Camden ride his bike (still with training wheels - isn't it time for those puppies to come off?) and Rory to ride her tricycle (yes, she's only 2 and can ride the tricycle; I think Camden was like 4 before he managed - they are SO different!). It's rainy this morning, however, so I think that plan is out the window.

Here are a few random things:
  • Whenever I tell Rory I love her (which is pretty much an average of twice a minute), she responds by saying "wub it." Huh? No idea, but she says it every time.
  • Yesterday Camden got in trouble for something, and he interrupted me and said, "Wait! But I can explain!" Is this what the teenage years are going to be like?
  • When I got onto the computer this morning, the words "record nose hair" were in my browser window. Something tells me Brian was working on his own blog.
  • Rory loves to watch me get ready. In fact, she has a permanent spot on the bathroom sink while I dry my hair, straighten hair, do make-up, etc. She loves it. And she always asks for "weestick" (a.k.a. lipstick). For obvious reasons, I mostly pretend to put it on her or just put a little on her bottom lip. Well, as of yesterday, I'm busted. She insisted I put it on both lips last night.
  • Camden is big into drawing these days. Yesterday he drew a picture of me and said that I was the witch and he was the bad guy. Nice. No idea where he's heard "witch!"
  • Rory showed her first clothing preference yesterday. A summer outfit arrived in the mail, and I had tried it on her. When I tried to change her back into warmer clothes, she kept insisting, "No, show daddy." So we waited until Brian got home, he made the appropriate observations, but she still didn't want to change her clothes. She really wanted to keep that little summer outfit on. I think the mother/daughter clothing war might have just begun.
  • Despite the fact that I work every day with Rory on her colors, ABC's, counting (she still says "one, two, six"), we have no progress. This is from the girl whose vocabulary is increasing at a RAPID pace and she is talking so much. Once again, just an example of how different the two kids are - Camden could count to 10, say little Bible verses and had most of his ABC's down (and was potty trained) by this point. Rory, on the other hand, can get dressed and ride a tricycle. :)
  • Rory went potty twice on Monday - a "big one" (as Camden puts it). However, I don't think she got the point. I made a huge deal about it, gave her a handful of M&M's and she still had them in her mouth when she sat down and pooped her pants. Maybe I should wait a while or I might drive myself crazy.
  • American Idol so far has not blown me away. Anyone see last night's singers? Where's all that talent they promised us?
  • We arrived in Korea one year ago. You can read about it here and here. I've had lots of fun reliving the moments. I am SO glad that we had internet access there and that I took the time to write out so many details.
Here are two pictures of Rory from last month that I never shared. She is SUCH a little mama. I found her in the bathtub with a Power Ranger wrapped up in the wet washcloth, and she rocked and kissed him. So cute! She would be a fabulous big sister.

And look at those ears! :)


Christine said...

This post has me laughing out loud... what a great way to start the day... I needed a laugh!

Tim Lewis said...

"She still had them in her mouth when she sat down and pooped her pants." There's a line you don't read every day! I almost spit coffee out my nose!