Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Weekend

It was a fabulous weekend at the Lewis household. We had a fun family Friday night; Saturday Brian kept the kids (see more on this later) while I had a facial, which was wonderful! Saturday afternoon we celebrated Emma's birthday party and got to visit with other adoptive parents. After we got home and got the kids in bed, we ordered take-out and enjoyed a quiet evening.

Brian made this video for me for Valentine's Day. He worked hard the 3 hours I was gone Saturday morning!

Here are a few pictures from Emma's party. I left my Nikon at home and our little Canon just can't shoot quick enough to catch 5 kids looking in one direction at once! I was taking pictures for Mayme during cake time so I didn't get any on my own camera. The kids had a BLAST playing together!

Rory, Ella, Camden
Emma, Emmi

Ella, Emma, Rory

As we approach our one-year of having Rory in our life, I've been reading through my posts from this time last year. It was a year ago yesterday that we got the phone call from our agency telling us that the doctors were concerned about the spot on Rory's leg and wanted us to make a decision as to whether or not we would adopt her. The potential diagnosis that they were giving her was difficult to hear. That was one of the scariest days of our lives. It was so hard to be so far away from this little girl that we were calling ours and to know that something might be wrong but to be so helpless; it was hard to go through the unknown; it was hard to just trust that God had a plan even if we didn't know what it was.

Brian's brother, sister-in-law and family are in town this week and are all coming over for brunch in the morning (hence, the blog post tonight). We're looking forward to seeing them, and I know the kids will play and play!

I got to play with new kids from my CT's, and here are a few pages I finished up this weekend.

Dani Mogstad: Father Knows Best

Lauren Grier: My Tea's Gone Cold

Lauren Grier: Turtle-Tastic


Joy and Jason said...

Wow!! Tell Brian I am SO impressed!! :) Not only did he know WHERE to put things up, he also cleaned the bathrooms and remembered to clean out the lint catcher on the dryer! :) (Can you rent him out on the weekends? LOL!)

Brian - you make the BEST videos!

Maria said...

Gosh it looks like you guys had so much fun at Emma's B'day party!! I don't know if I ever responded to your email but Ellie and I would LOVE to get together with you all sometime for some play time. Just let us know when, ok? What a great hubby you have!!