Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday

Things I've heard this week:
  • That's cool - from Rory.
  • Kill is such a sad word - from Camden.
  • Too bad, too bad - from Rory (as she holds a toy just out of reach from Camden).
  • Watch this cool trick, mommy - from Rory.
  • While praying, "and help mommy to remember that she should always be patient with us" - from Camden.
  • "When we're fighting the bad guys in Iraq, do the bad guys think they're really the good guys?" - a pretty deep thought from Camden.
  • No, mommy do it (x 100) - from Rory.
Things I've seen this week:
  • Camden laying on the sidewalk spitting in the dirt pile off the side of the sidewalk.
  • Rory flouncing (there's no better word for it) off when she doesn't get her way.
  • Camden having a blast outside on Wednesday playing Starwars in the craziest wind I've ever experienced.
  • Camden running around the bases at the baseball field over and over and over.
  • Rory singing along with American Idol on Tuesday night - Brian swears she's going to be a translator when she grows up because she can listen to your words or music and regurgitate them just a step or two behind you.
  • Rory walking up to 2 little girls and their mother (complete strangers), giving them hugs and saying "it's good to see you" because she saw the person I was talking to do the same thing.
I reached the end of yesterday and felt like I had accomplished nothing! We did run a couple of errands and then stopped for an impromptu visit to the park. There were several other families there, and the kids had fun playing with them, and I had fun chatting with the other mothers. I am not exactly an extrovert so I don't often talk to strangers, but it was fun. (And they were all in love with Rory). Oh, and I've discovered that clearly I am a more overprotective conscientious mother than others - I couldn't believe the 2 year olds roaming the playground/baseball field with little supervision. Apparently I need to loosen up a bit. After we got home, Camden played outside for hours yesterday. And by play I mean he laid on the sidewalk lining up hickory nuts and rocks.

Rory and I had fun at MOPS last night; she made a little craft and could hardly contain her excitement to show Brian when we got home. It was SO cute. Brian and Camden had taken advantage of not having us around and made an early Valentine's Day run - I had red tulips and chocolate waiting for me last night. I'd show you a picture, but I left my camera on all night and batteries weren't really made to last that long!

Tomorrow we have very big romantic plans (insert sarcasm here). I'm finally using a gift card I received at Rory's shower (ummm way back in April 2008!) and getting a facial and my eyebrows done (I probably shouldn't admit this is the first time since Rory's been home!). Then we're celebrating Emma's birthday which should be fun. I think we might end up with quite the little Asian parade of children there which is exciting!

Okay, I think that's it for this week. We have no plans today except getting the house in shape so we can destroy it this weekend.

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Christine said...

Those lists are so funny!