Our date night turned out so fun. We were out and about for 7 hours! We shopped, laughed, had dinner at Olive Garden, a great dulce de leche frappucino at Starbucks, and just generally had a good time. We made a good dent in buying the rest of the things we need for the house. Still no mattresses, but we did pick a set out and Brian will be back to buy them and bring them home next week. We also spent about an hour at Babies-R-Us just having fun looking at all the cute baby things. Brian is so funny - he says he's in big trouble with a little girl. He's able to resist boy clothes (but not fun boy toys), but all the girly stuff is so cute!

While I am certainly enjoying the peace and quiet that comes from a child-free house, I'm ready for my boy to be back! I miss his hugs and kisses and funny sayings.


Anonymous said…
You are on a roll, girl! Look at all those darling layouts. Fabulous. Your husband is a definite keeper. I don't think I could drag my husband into Babies R' Us if I tried. I don't know if I could even bribe him in there. Me on the other hand...I could spend hours. Love that store. I'm glad you had a fun date night.

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