I've struggled all day with how to write this next sentence, and there's just no good way to say it, so I'll just let it out. We found out today my sister has breast cancer. It is very tough news to hear, and I'm full of tears, but Becky is an amazing, strong woman, and somehow after talking to her I feel better. I should have been the one to comfort her, but instead, she comforted me. She will begin chemo in May and then have surgery once the chemo is over. I have faith that everything will be all right, and while this won't be easy for her, she will make it through. I am reminded over and over that God is good to us, and while we may not understand everything that happens in our lives, He is always there to walk with us.

I've scrapped this picture before of me and Becky, but came home from work early today and scrapped it again.


Chris said…
Blessings on Becky and all of you, Melissa. Breast cancer often has a very good prognonsis if it is caught early. God will give her the strength she needs.
Unknown said…
You are all in my prayers through this time, Melissa!!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis. Hopefully, it was found early and she will be cancer-free soon. Wishing you and your family the best.
Anonymous said…
Soo sorry to hear the news Melissa... As a spouse of someone cancer free... it is beatable! You will comfort each other! All of my prayers and support coming your way!
Kim =)
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry to hear this news, Melissa. I'll add Becky to my prayer list. Keep us informed of her situation, will you?
You've all been on my heart...I love you all bunches!!! Sending lots of prayers your way!
Anonymous said…

I am so sorry that your family has to deal with this right now. I will keep her in my prayers every night and I'm sure she'll be so grateful having a sister like you by her side. Stay strong girl, you have lots of people praying.

Many hugs!!!!

X said…
Prayers for Becky and your family - peace and healing, Randi

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