Moving Day

We. are. never. moving. again!

I had forgotten how much work moving is. We've lived here almost 6 years, and have collected a ton of stuff apparently! And please tell me we're not the only people around who don't routinely (and by that I mean NEVER) clean all the baseboards behind furniture (that's been in place for almost 6 years!). I've got alot of cleaning to do! Now I can only hope someone is cleaning just as hard in the house we're moving into so I don't have to clean twice! It's a little soggy out right now, but so far it's not as bad as they were predicting, so I'm hoping the heavy rain stays away for about 6 more hours!

Okay, off to shower and get ready for the big day.


Anonymous said…
I understand! Wish we could help.
Chris said…
thinking of you today....hope everything goes (went) smoothly!

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