Think Pink

Yes, it's true. After almost 3 years of joy with Camden, we have made the first step towards our little girl. Those of you in our family know that we've made the final decision (ummmmm, many times) on whether it would be Korea or China, but the final, final decision is Korea! We're going to be using our same local agency and placement agency, and we're very excited. My heart is beating a little quickly as I write this because the envelope is in the mail so it's official! We're not planning to tell many people yet (only the close friends and family who read the blog - and all you cyber friends). I'm not ready to make the announcement at work simply because we don't know yet what my work situation will be after the new baby arrives, and I need some time to decide and we have plenty since this process will take approximately 18-24 months, and I'm not ready for the daily questions of how it's all going because mostly it will just be waiting going on. There will be plenty of time for that later! Somehow the decision to have two kid seems so much bigger than the decision to have one, but we're so excited!
In other news, Camden and his class is learning the letter "P" this week so he's headed to school in his p.j.'s. They're having peanut butter sandwiches, peaches, pretzels, and punch for lunch. So cute! I'm going to take my camera this afternoon when I pick him up and try to take a couple of pictures.
Tomorrow we're headed to see School House Rock at the children's theater with one of Brian's classes at school. It will be fun because my friend teaches the class and will be coming along with her two little girls so Camden will be in good company.
One last thing, I haven't said much about this on my blog, but there are a couple of small things I'm doing in order to help raise money for this adoption, and if you'd like to participate then here's the information. There's a link to the side where I am doing Christmas cards and scrapbook pages - all proceeds will go towards the adoption. The second thing is I'm selling templates based on my own layouts at DigiScrappingMoms. My friend Kim started this site in response to a large group of adoptive mothers who were just jumping into the digiscrapping world, and I'm very happy to be working with her.
I think that's about it! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations!!! How exciting...I wish you guys the BEST of luck during this whole process! You're already dreaming in pink huh!
Anonymous said…

Can't wait to follow your journey!
Jen Caputo said…
Ohhhh yay!!! Congratulations, what an exciting time for you and your family!
Becky said…
Hey Melissa, I knew this was coming and I am STILL teary-eyed!! I love you guys so much and hope these next two years go by quickly until I get to meet my new little niece!! :) Finally, some girls to buy for in our family!
Anonymous said…
YEAH!....says grandma!
Anonymous said…
Melissa...what a sweet layout! I am so excited for you. And that is awesome about selling your templates, I have no doubt you do GREAT!!!!
Wendy said…
Congratulations Melissa!! :)So very excited for you. Looking forward to following your journey every step of the way. YAY!! Yes, think pink and bows and frills! :)

Having problems with our satellite internet provider. They've put me on a temporary dial up connection until they can get out here to take a look at it, but for some reason I can only receive email and not send it. So, I opted to go this route to congratulate you since I can't respond to any AKC posts. It's driving me batty. ;)
ohhhhh big congrats!!!!
Anonymous said…
I am soo excited for you guys! I know you have been waiting and waiting to get started!
I can't wait to hear about all the tiny little steps a long the way!
P.S. I love the page!!! Great!

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