I am so tired this morning! Lots of holiday activities over the weekend! I worked Friday afternoon at a party at my boss' house. Friday night Camden had his Christmas program at church (let's just summarize that experience to say he apparently has NO stage fright!). Saturday was the children's party from work. We took what I thought would be a short detour after the party to pick up ice cream, but got stuck in traffic and it turned out to be a LONG detour! Sunday was church, choir practice, and more church! I'm not sleeping well at night for some reason. Hopefully, it will be better tonight.

I have got several cute things to share about Camden today. First up - he's got a little cold and has been coughing up junk from his throat. Brian thought it would be a great idea to tell him he could spit it out in the trashcan (and even gave a demonstration!). So, now Camden's new past time is spitting in the trash. Fun. Second - lately, he has been so sweet in telling me at every meal, "thank you for fixing me supper and putting it in my bowl." Third, he tells me he missed me every time we're apart. I love it!

I was a scrapping fool over the weekend! I worked on several calendars for a friend, as well as scrapping some of my own pictures and also completing a CT assignment (used pics of Kim's sweet girl Izzy). All of these layouts were created with Dani Mogstad and Shawna Clingermans A Year of Memories 2007 collection.


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