I'm off!

So guess where I'm blogging from today? Home!! As of Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., I am officially off work until January 3. It feels good!

My sister, brother, and twin nephews came into town and stayed with us last night. They're running around today, but will be back tonight. Should be fun! Camden seems to be having issues with letting them touch his toys! I guess this will be a good lesson in sharing for him!

I just have one layout to share, but it's one of my favorites! The template is mine and available


I didn't know you were selling templates! Where have I been?!? I had never even seen that site before! That template is great!!

I hope you enjoy your time off from school!

BTW...did you have any hand in helping make Micah and Becky's Christmas card? It looked really cute!
Anonymous said…
congrats on being home from work...that has got to be such a great feeling!!! enjoy your christmas :).
Wendy said…
Enjoy your time off Melissa! Merry Christmas!! Love all of your beautiful layouts!


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