Super Heroes

Camden walked around all night last night with a blanket around his head and pretended to be superman. Brian jumped in the game and was Batman. Not to be outdone, I declared myself Wonder Woman. Camden had a blast. Small problem, though. He didn't quite get the "Wonder" part of Wonder Woman, so he walked around all night calling me, "Woman." As in, "Hey, Woman, thanks for making me supper." It was so funny!

I am having serious issues sleeping, which makes me grumpy! The last 3 or 4 nights I go to bed at normal time and then lay there for hours! I wake up again about 3:00 and am awake for another hour or so before finally falling asleep again. This morning seems worse because I'm catching a cold, which only adds to my grumpiness! Don't I sound fun today?

No layouts to share - I just had no motivation last night! Maybe tonight!


I identify FAR too much with the lack of sleep girl!!!!!

Hang in there!!!

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