Hustle and Bustle

Wow! It's just so busy everywhere! I went to Target on my lunch hour to pick up a couple of small gifts and left empty handed. There were people everywhere; no parking spaces; I couldn't get to what I needed in the aisles. Crazy! I am vowing to never let this happen again. I'm going to shop all year long or at least well before December 19 next year!

Just a couple of scrapping pieces of news I want to share. First, just wanted to direct everyone's attention to Jennilyn's My Kinda Christmas available at The DigiShoppe. This preview doesn't do it justice - there's a ton of fun stuff in here and I will have a layout soon! I especially love the little train details, and I have the perfect pictures to go with this kit!

Next, if I can toot my own horn, check out this thread. I'm the featured scrapper at DST. How fun is that!

We got lots of laundry (I'm embarrassed to announce how much here) done last night and some cleaning. It's so great to have Brian home at night! Tonight it's more cleaning because my sister, brother-in-law and twin nephews are coming to stay with us tomorrow. Camden is so excited to see them. He has always been so sweet with them, but I'm interested to see how he does now that they're 11 months old and crawling everywhere. I'm wondering if he'll still be sweet or if he'll think they're invading his territory! I also can't wait to take cute pictures of the three of them! I know that I take a ton when we're together, but they'll be moving back to France next summer and then it will be 2-3 years before we're all together again so I want to take as many pictures as I can while we have the opportunity. I'm especially excited about the Christmas pictures because I bought them matching Gymboree p.j.'s.

Okay, enough rambling and I think my lunch hour is over anyway!


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